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Are you going to launch your website or your new collection?

All you need is great visual contents that tell your story and spread a beautiful aesthetic. I will support your vision with a creative direction and strategic advices. I will create commercial contents for your social media accounts and website. New outstanding visual stories will attract your audience and engage users on your social media channels.


Eleonora Aricó

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Curious and constantly inspired by aesthetics, I recognize beauty and tell it through my eyes. My degree in architecture has consolidated this innate attitude and I use balancing of the composition in the construction of a beautiful photograph now. I create myself as a Visual Content Creator, dealing both with a strategic level and an operational level to create contents for the social channels of brands to improve their online storytelling. I am a lover of art and creativity, passionate about fashion and trends, I love investing every minute of my day in the production of quality contents ranging between photography, styling and editing. Visual invention, a solid culture of images and the ability to communicate through the choice of these, led me to take up positions as art director for some personal projects and more.

Visual Content Production for your social networks and website
Art direction for your advertising campaigns
Influencer marketing

My services:


Visual content creation

Do you have a website and you need captivating images that tell the story of your brand? Do you want to create a community to sell your products on Instagram? I will create for you the images you need to attract your fiture audience. I will transform your ideas into visual contents that will use emotional language that will reach straight to the audience. In this way you can create a community that is loyal and interested in what you propose.


Art direction

Do you want to create a targeted advertising campaign to present your brand, a new product or simply your new collection? I will help you to create a visual story that tells it best, and I will suggest the best professionals for the realization of the project.


Influencer marketing

Do you want to reach a large audience to sell your product? By creating captivating contents and sharing it on an Instagram account that has a +60k community , you can reach more people and make your brand known to a national and international audience.

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